I Love Earrings

I Love These Earrings!

I love jewelry, especially earrings. Larger earrings and dangling earrings are always my favorite. I have wavy/curly/poofy hair or in other words big hair.

These work perfectly. I can still see them when my hair is down and they still look great when my hair is up.

I think there’s no point in wearing earrings if you can’t see them. Plus I was also pleasantly surprised by the weight. I own a lot of earrings and usually when they are larger they can be kind of heavy. These are pretty light for there size. Obviously if you don’t wear bigger earrings you will be able to the the difference. But since big earrings are my favorite, these are lighter than most I own. I can actually wear them all day and not have to take them out early from making my ear sore. I highly recommend these.

You can get your own pairs here:

I was able to try these complimentary. This is my honest, unbiased review.


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